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Despite being extremely active in performances within the Cornell community, The Key Elements are also happy to perform at outside venues, especially in Ithaca and the surrounding area!

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Catalyst (2015)

Elementropy (2010)

Proverbial Top (2005)

Prior Restraint (2000)


Known as Cornell's most electrifying a cappella group, the Key Elements are like no other group on campus. Unconventional? Check. Innovative? Check. Always pushing the envelope? That's a given.

Get to know some of the Elements below!

Greg "Gerg" Manz

Greg is an international art thief posing as a Cornell student. After infamously stealing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he decided to go into hiding in the last place anyone would look; Ithaca, NY. Greg enjoys singing, guitar, sailing, reading, and of course, art.

Jonathan "Jonji" Mendez

Jonji enjoys the thrill of fighting through daily hardships such as not listening to music every waking second of the day. His passions include bandanas, learning about the weaknesses of others, and the art of sexual poetry.

Mitch "Killswitch" Laski

Mitch is a senior from Chicago, and if you meet him for 30 seconds he'll tell you about it. He's a former musical director, but fancies himself the greatest tour manager in KE's history. He sings whatever part he friggin' wants.

Maya "Crayola" Durham

This is where Maya's description would have gone. She didn't send one in, and I guess thought her presence spoke for itself. She's cheeky like that. She's cheeky like that. She's cheeky like that. She's cheeky like that.

Clara "El Tanque" Eizayaga

Clara is a 4th year in the Cornell School of Architecture. Her unusual and unpredictable passions include notebooks, the color black, and the Washington Dulles Airport.

Emma "MIA" Eaton

Fine. We'll admit it. We lost Emma. We're not sure exactly where she went, but we know she's currently abroad and far, far away from the icey lands of Ithaca...

Brendan "Marlin" Coyle

Brendan enjoys long talks about movies while watching the eyes of his peers glaze over. Those who attend Brendans comedy shows rave: "Yeah, I mean, he's funnier on stage at least!"

Nathaniel "LaCelle" Peterson

Nathaniel is not pictured on this website. Nathaniel knows why.

Amanda "Squirrel" Mikesell

Its been said "A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while". Amanda is not blind, and as a result, considers herself to be quite well off.

Izumi "Zoom Zoom" Matsuda

When Izumi was young, she created names, passport photos, and interpersonal drama for all 105 of her stuffed animals. Nowaday's she enjoys making music, playing frisbee, and being both indoors as well as outdoors.

Michelle "Carfax" Carfagno

If you can't find Michelle when she's singing, you probably won't find her at all. Her passions in life include talking loudly, salmon, and building meaningful relationships with fruit flies.

Sesha "Se$ha" Kammula

"Her special talent: expressing discomfort." -Michelle Florentine
"Very awkward." - Greg Manz
"Love her so much!!!!" - Mitch Laski, internally

Yabe "YaBae" Abebe

Yabe is a second year Urban and Regional Studies student. She is currently enveloped in a research paper exploring exactly what that even means. She knows it has something to do with maps. Yabe loves maps.

Coco "Coco" Heitman

Co co coco coco, co coco cococo co cocococo co. Co coco co coco co, co coco co. Co coco cococo coCo cocococ co coco coco. Co cococo co coco, coco co co coco cococo. Co coco!

Alex "Sink" Cha

Don't ask about Alex's nickname. Just don't.

Grace "Queen Bee" Traore

Grace is a freshman ILR major from NYC. Grace enjoys singing, and is an actress in her own mind. She is frequently mistaken for Beyonce, and as a result, is constantly having to audition back up dancers.

Ömer "The Bear" Kayhan

Ömer is soothed by biology and economics, and infatuated with South Park and Rick and Morty. He is commonly seen wearing, and coincidentally resembling, an elderly man's jacket. Don't feed Ömer.

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